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Wind Turbine Cleaning Services

At Balmore Wind Services, we offer comprehensive wind turbine cleaning services, from nacelle down to the tower & blades across the UK


Removing any build-up of dirt, grime or oil leakages internally & externally – once surfaces have been cleaned, inspection can be carried out effectively minimising downtime.

  • Turbine Blades
  • Turbine Tower
  • Nacelle
  • Control Rooms

The importance of Wind Turbine Cleaning

Wind Turbines have to endure harsh UK weather environments and operate through rain, snow, ice, heatwaves and of course high winds. But it is not just the weather. Atmospheric dust, sand, biomatter such as moss and algae, insects, bird fouling, air pollution….the list goes on.
Keeping wind turbines clean is vitally important as part of a turbined planned maintenance and servicing while ensuring that it is operating at maximum efficiency. Wind turbine blades that have been compromised by dirt, grime or bird fouling can encounter more wind resistance which in turb can lower their production capabilities and put more stress (however small that may appear to be) on internal hardware in the wind turbine such as the gearbox.

A clean wind turbine operates better and can prevent a build up of waste at the base of the turbine.

wind turbine blade cleaning

wind turbine tower cleaning using an access platform

How do we clean a wind turbine

As a leading Rope Access provider in the wind industry, our Rope Access Team can easily reach difficult access points including turbine blades to thoroughly clean them and ensure the blades cut slice through the air with minimal resistance in order to generate maximum power. We use access platforms to reach other, lower down areas of a wind turbine. Our cleaning process involves power washing where appropriate and scrubbing. We ensure that our cleaning products are non-corrosive, non flammable, biodegradable and safe to use for the environment.

More than just cleaning

On top of the cleaning of the exterior of the wind turbine tower, we work through a set checklist of other cleaning services including checking the grease fittings, gear oil, brake pads, electronic systems and bolt inspection as part of our NDT Services.

About Us

We provide a specialist Rope Access Service for difficult access ‘At Height’ Repairs, Maintenance, Cleaning and Installations in the Wind Energy Sector. Based in Glasgow, we provide our full range of repair, inspection and maintenance services across the UK and mainland Europe.

Our Rope Access Services are specifically tailored for the rapid growth of the Wind Energy Sector and whether through planned maintenance or reactive repair contracts, our team are ready to exceed your expectations.

Find out more

If you have a query about our Wind Turbine Cleaning Services including scheduled cleaning contract work, the cleaning process and where we can provide these services, simply contact us today by filling in the form below. One of our specialist team can answer any and all questions you have. Relevant case studies are available on request.

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wind turbine blade cleaning using rope access.

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