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Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing & Maintenance for Wind Turbines across the UK & Mainland Europe

The team at Balmore Wind Services know that reliable energy production is essential to successful operation of wind farms & that it is paramount turbine availability is maximised.  Our experienced technicians are trained to the highest standards to help clients across the UK & Europe maintain a continuous & reliable service.

Planned Servicing / Scheduled Maintenance

With the perfect blend of experience and skill, we can ensure that your wind farm turbines run smoothly and efficiently throughout the year.

Regular servicing of wind turbines can help to identify any developing or potential problems before they become serious issues. Wind Turbine Servicing goes through all the essential checks on critical components including:

  • Braking System
  • Tower
  • Blades

Beyond the benefits of improved reliability, planned servicing on wind turbines will also likely help increase the efficiency of your wind farm turbines.

wind turbine maintenance

Major Repairs

During planned servicing, we carry out a number of visual checks on a wind turbine tower and its blades looking for any signs of damage or defect.

Unscheduled Maintenance / Reactive Service

We can provide fast acting maintenance and servicing in the UK with 48 hour response times (dependant on UK location).



Our Maintenance and Servicing programme includes a full report comprised of photographic evidence, video and thermal imaging (where required). We provide you with a report after each site visit whether it is for planned maintenance or reactive work. Where possible, we deliver before and after photos of turbine work and repair ‘points of interest’.  These are accompanied by field notes taken by our Rope Access Engineers on site.

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