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Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection Systems are vital for the protection of wind turbines against lightning strikes.

At Balmore Wind Services, we can provide a complete package of lighting protection installation, scheduled maintained and emergency repairs with our Rope Access Team across the UK and mainland Europe.

What is a lightning protection system?

A lightning protection system is designed to reduce/prevent lightning strikes from hitting a structure including wind turbines and their internal systems, all but eliminating the risk of electrocution and fires that can be caused by lightning strikes.

The system requires the fitting of a lightning conductor to the top of a wind turbine. This metal rod is made of a conductive material such as copper or aluminium that is mounted to the wind turbine and can intercept a lightning strike. The system then passes the dangerous electrical current from the lighting strike safely into the ground below through a connection wire.

As a leading lightning protection system fitter in the wind energy sector, we can advise you on all installation details for a lightning protection system and explain how the system works, what it can handle and all additional safety measures that can take to protect your vital wind turbines from lighting strikes.

Why should I have a lightning protection system fitted?

The risk to a wind turbine varies and takes into account the size of the wind turbine, its height and the number of lightning strikes that it may have to cope with in an average year.

The benefits of a lightning protection system

Having a lightning protection system fitted to your wind turbines will help to protect the core structure and any internal electrical systems. In high risk lightning ‘hot spots’ across the UK, a lightning protection system can offer real economic benefits.

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