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Wind Turbine Blade Repair

Specialist Rope Access for difficult access ‘At Height’ Wind Turbine Blade Repairs.

Based in Glasgow, we provide our full range of blade repair services across the UK and mainland Europe.

Wind turbine blades are designed to be incredibly strong structures that can withstand severe weather conditions and high winds in locations around the UK often deemed too harsh to live in.

The Wind Sector is constantly growing with more wind turbines being erected every year. And with this growth, there is an increased demand for qualified blade repair services on existing wind turbines across the UK and mainland Europe.

We can conduct visual inspections of turbine blades to asses their damage levels and provide at height rope access teams to conduct the necessary wind turbine blade repairs.

A growing industry in need of specialist repair teams

The UK is one of the top 5 producers of wind power in the world, with a hybrid of land based wind turbines and offshore wind farms. The number of wind turbines in Scotland alone requires dedicated, fast and effective repair solutions.

Our Rope Access Services are specifically tailored for the rapid growth of the Wind Energy Sector and whether through planned blade repairs or reactive blade repair contracts, our team are ready to exceed your expectations.

Wind Turbine Blade Damage Categories

While there is no industry standard defect category for blade damage, we can provide a valuable reference guide to our wind farm customers which can be used to monitor and evaluate when wind turbine blade repair work should be completed.

Blade Damage Category 1
Severity: Very Low

Category 1 damage of a wind turbine blade means that the integrity and performance window of the wind turbine has not been compromised by the damage and there is no risk of the damage developing into a more severe issue imminently. Category 1 blade damage is regarded as light cosmetic issues with no impact on wind turbine performance.

A category 1 issue with a wind turbine will most often be documented however no repairs are deemed necessary.

Blade Damage Defect Category 2
Severity: Low

Category 2 damage to a wind turbine blade involves the integrity and performance window of the turbine having been affected. There is a small risk of the damage developing and reducing normal operational conditions.

A category 2 blade damage issue with a wind turbine should be documented in a report and blade repairs should be conducted during the next scheduled wind turbine maintenance plan.

Blade Damage Defect Category 3
Severity: Medium

Category 3 Blade Damage issues involve the blades integrity and/or performance which has been affected by damage. In this scenario, we document the issue and advise repairs to be completed by our Rope Access Team within 6 to 12 months.

Blade Damage Defect Category 4
Severity: High

A category 4 issue on a Wind Turbine Blade is where the structural integrity and/or performance of the turbine blade has been affected. In this scenario, we would document and provide notification of the issue with repairs to the Blade to be completed within 3-6 months.

Blade Damage Defect Category 5
Severity: Very High

A category 5 rating for Blade Damage is the highest rating. There is a real safety risk and the wind turbine should be halted and immediate repairs should be carried out by our Rope Access Team.

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