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Covering the UK & mainland Europe, for Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs in the Wind Sector.

Welcome to Balmore Wind Services. Qualified Rope Access Specialists for the Wind Sector

We provide a specialist Rope Access Service for difficult access ‘At Height’ Repairs, Maintenance, Cleaning and Installations in the Wind Energy Sector. Based in Glasgow, we provide our full range of repair, inspection and maintenance services across the UK and mainland Europe.

With a push towards green energy, the Wind Sector is a constantly growing and evolving energy sector market with more wind turbines being erected every year. With this growth, there is a high demand for qualified Inspection and Maintenance Service Contractors such as ourselves to provide inspection, repairs and maintenance for the ever increasing number of Wind Turbines being installed across the UK and mainland Europe.

The UK is one of the top 5 producers of wind power in the world, with land based wind turbines and offshore wind farms. The sheer number of wind turbines across Scotland alone requires a fast and effective access method.

Our Rope Access Services are specifically tailored for the rapid growth of the Wind Energy Sector and whether through planned maintenance or reactive repair contracts, our team are ready to exceed your expectations.

Our Wind Energy Services

  • Blade Inspection (Internal/External)
  • Drone Inspection (Internal/External)
  • Blade Repairs (Internal/External)
  • Lightning Protection/Testing
  • Sealant Repairs
  • Blade Upgrades
  • Seal Replacement with Blade On/Off
  • Turbine Cleaning (Internal/External)
  • Anchor Inspection
  • Platform Access
  • Paint Repairs/Re-coating
  • NDT – Non Destructive Testing
  • Bolt Inspection

wind turbine upgrade services

The benefits of Rope Access Services for Wind Turbine Inspection & Maintenance

Rope Access was originally developed from popular climbing methods in the outdoor industry. Using the same core climbing equipment, Rope Access Systems allows the Balmore team to scale Wind Turbines to  inspect, repair & maintain the most difficult to access structures; all whilst manoeuvring with relative ease.  Difficult repair tasks using Rope Access methods gives us the flexibility and speed that scaffolding or MEWPs lacks and is restricted by due to site access, conditions & height.

Rope Access is proven to be a cost effective inspection method for maintaining vital Wind Turbine Assets.

With fewer required resources, a faster set-up & access time and near limitless access abilities, Rope Access has fast becoming the go to solution for the Wind Sector’s Inspection & Maintenance needs.

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